I'm Zac, a product designer and strategist based in New York.

I believe design is a tool for helping people understand and appreciate what technology can do for them. Through my work I strive to create products that are personal and give users agency over their digital experiences. I’m a huge proponent of collaboration and enjoy working closely with business, analytics, and engineering to develop solutions that are strategic and pragmatic.

Right now I lead design on the Packages team at Priceline, crafting innovate booking experiences and championing user control. Before that I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied Industrial Design and co-founded the CMU Design League.

I’m also a huge comic book nerd, and draw a lot of superheroes and monsters when I'm not working or walking my 🐕. If you have any questions about my work or just want to learn more about Batman, feel free to contact me at zacmauhaus@gmail.com