BMW Travel Mug

This travel mug was designed to embody the essence of the BMW brand and be the perfect accessory for any BMW driver. Its form language was inspired by the iconic 2015 5-Series sedan.

Brand Guidelines

In the initial stages of this project, I worked with in a team to research BMW's brand identity and understand what traits make a BMW stand out. My contributions included developing several pages of content, as well as designing our presentation deck below.



This persona represents one of BMW's target demographic groups, the 'Post Modern' consumer.



A few images that communicated the aesthetic personality and visual cues associated with the brand persona.




After developing an understanding of the BMW brand language, I began to apply those insights to sketches and models.



I used sketching as a means to explore the visual language of the 5-Series as well as brainstorm ideas for the mug.



I produced several foam models as part of my development process. These helped me engage my ideas in a more literal way and narrow in on a more desirable form.



This rendering demonstrates the final form and and styling of the BMW Travel Mug. I limited the available color variety to white and dark grey, to ensure that the mug would always match the vehicle.