1. Introduction to Gun Control

For the next 5 weeks I am working with Catherine Zheng and Justin Finkenaur to analyze the debate on gun control, identify an issue within that scope, and propose a solution that could feasibly address the problem.

We are in the early stages of research and are currently trying to understand the scope of the debate and unpack the key stakeholders, components, and driving factors of gun ownership in the United States. There are several aspects of this conversation that are immediately apparent and will guide the focus of our research moving forward. So far they include:

1. What are the motivations to purchase firearms?

2. What is the extent of the process for obtaining firearms?

3. In what ways does media coverage effect the public opinion of firearms?

4. How does the U.S.'s history of armed culture affect the American philosophy of firearms? And how will it adapt to the modern American society?

5. What are the psychological effects of firearm ownership?