Linkedin Design Challenge

I completed this one week Design Challenge for Linkedin as part of my application process for a User Experience Designer. My prompt for the challenge was to update the job posting process for recruiters who used Linkedin.


PRoblem space

The prompt was to "Design an improved job posting experience for recruiters or hiring managers, that helps them attract and recruit relevant candidates for the position." I understood this as two challenges in one, 1: Making job posts more attractive to certain applicants, and 2: Providing recruiters with the tools to do so.


There were a number of questions I had about my hypothetical users. The first thing I did was reach out to former recruiters of mine to get their take on the job posting process. I also wanted to understand what made a post desirable to applicants, I felt that by leveraging their needs, I could encourage recruiters to create posts that attracted qualified applicants and dissuaded those less qualified from applying.



I created a survey and distributed it to the CMU undergrad community, former colleagues, and reddit in hopes of learning more about applicant needs. From the survey I learned that one of the most important factors that causes potential applicants to become applicants was whether or not they felt they met the company's list of preferred qualifications.




From my research I decided to focus on surfacing the qualifications or requirements in a job post, and on creating a more versatile experience for recruiters. I sketched out a timeline of how recruiters went through the current job posting process and started to iterate on two ideas.



Concept 1

In this idea I explored adding a requirement or qualification field to the text based job creation page. I considered three versions of the idea and weighed the merits of asking recruiters to simplify the requirements to accommodate the text fields.


Concept 2

This parallel idea involved completely altering the interaction of the job creation process, replacing the standard text fields with a visual preview of what the job post would look like to applicants. I spoke to one of my former recruiters who noted he often had to keep two tabs open to post a job, one for the editing the job post, and a page showing him the live post that applicants can see. I thought that by creating what is essentially a preview mode, it would simplify the editing process for recruiters.



A few ideas for the visual design of the qualification or requirements buttons. There were a few options as far as iconography, ease of adjustment, and prioritization.



The final iteration integrates and streamlines the two options,  providing a visual interface that allows users to add custom content relevant to their post. In this particular use case, a recruiter is posting a job for Linkedin, adds a section for required qualifications, and views the post as applicants would see it before finalizing and posting the job.