Pier is a product system designed to make sharing brainstorm sessions easier across team members.


Technology has been designed to emphasize individual work, which makes people less likely to work effectively collaboratively, how can we create a product that makes it easier for groups to brainstorm and work together, better?



As part of our research we sat down with several students and asked them to assign solo and group tasks to pieces of paper representing a phone, tablet and laptop. From this exercise we learned that one of the barriers to cohesive groupwork had less to do with the size of display, and more to do with how many people were in the driver's seat.




Mobile Interaction

The mobile interaction allows users to view their active projects, and share, download or abandon them. Users canot directly edit the projects in mobile mode, which would prevent individual groupmates from altering the sessions without their group's input.


Docked Interaction

While the phone is docked on the Pier whiteboard, the app allows users to load an existing project onto the board for further editing, or to create a new brainstorm.


Final Screens