The future that I am exploring revolves around the idea that within 50 years we will stop using phones to natively access the Cloud and digital service platforms including Facebook, Maps and Uber, and instead stream all of our digital content directly through our brains. This would result in a thought-based interface that we mentally interacted with, rather than physically.

To access our personal clouds, I predict we will take prescription pills from platform companies (Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon), which will maintain our digital subscriptions to these services. 

Having this experience will let us think both organically and artificially. We will have to learn how to balance our personal thoughts with that of the Collective Conscious, basically the internet that we will have full and unbridled access to in our heads. 

School will have to adapt and focus on problem-solving projects rather than wrote-memorization tests. Facebook/Linkedin stalking will happen in real time, and navigating social situations while tapped into the Collective will become new territory. 

While I don't think it would be feasible or desirable to say, edit an Adobe Illustrator document or create an Excel sheet in your head, some practical use-cases would include:

Practically speaking, visual interfaces would create too much mental overload, so I think the ideal thought-interface would revolve around a user having a mental conversation through an AI platform like Siri or Alexa, basically asking one of them to pull information when requested.

 - Browsing the internet

 - Uber

 - Google Maps

 - Scrolling Facebook

 - Youtube / Vine clips

 - Reading snapchats

 - Using Venmo

 - Responding to messages / e-mail

 - Talking to Siri / Alexa / Etc

 - Setting alarms

 - Calendar events

 - Notifications / Reminders

 - Weather

 - Music ( actually stuck in your head ) 


Most of these interactions are about receiving content rather than generating it, and I think the idea of posting original content through your mind would have to be explored in greater detail.




Pill props for different users

Shots of people, paired with shots from those people's perspective

Audio recordings of internal thought-interface interactions



Focus on average college student, waking up, checking calendar/notifications, checking calories of what he is about to eat for breakfast, going to get prescription filled at Apple, learn about new and exciting upgrade features, call Uber, go to class, have to answer group problems and can use google as much as they want. Has to deal with Collective people, people who spend too much time on the Collective stream and don't have many original thoughts to share

Use fingerprints to pay for things, unlock door to house, etc, 

Student has to witness someone else having a glitch episode, where they overdosed on pills or something and starts to babble incoherently, banging their head, etc