5 Things for the afterlife

As opposed to the last post, where I brought in 10 objects that carried meaning for me, this question pressured a more practical response. If I had to choose 5 objects to be buried with / brought to the afterlife with me, I would have to choose objects that I feel could be useful.

For that reason, I chose my laptop, my smartphone, my sketchbook + pen, my watch, and a comic book. Assuming the afterlife is somewhat endless and I'll need to stay busy, I would rather bring things I can use to make more things, than mementos. Sketching is really important to me and I would like to be able to enjoy myself by filling an empty sketchbook. The phone and watch are not strictly practical, as I enjoy the design of them and appreciate having 'nice' things with me. My laptop can store memories of past experiences and simultaneously allow me to make more things. 

I find that I can read and re-read comic books endlessly, because each time I can focus on different aspects, like the art, or the dialogue, or the story, etc. Why this one particularly? I just happen to find the art inspiring. 

Would I choose to be buried with these things? Probably not, but I would bring them with me if I were to continue on in the afterlife.