What is Design?


1. Design is the process of creating products and experiences to purposefully motivate positive behavioral changes in people(s).

2. If I were to design something right now, it would be a taxonomy of smartphone design. It might not fit into my 'design ethos', but it is something I'm really excited about and would love to explore more categorically.

3. 5 Keywords I use to describe my design ethos are encouraging, high-level, contextual, necessary, indirect.

4. In the designed world, I value forced change. I think companies like Apple do a good job of forcefully encouraging people to adopt better habits. Yes, it was controversial for Apple to drop the headphone jack and USB ports, but I believe that's a necessary step in moving towards a cordless world.

5. As a designer, I am concerned that some people appreciate bad design, and in doing so are perpetuating practices or ideas that detrimental to the environment, society and the progress of innovation. I believe I am headed towards designing for the integration of digital and physical, I think right now a lot of design work is about guiding digital experience via physical input, but I think there is an opportunity for experiences to be truly balanced.