10 Things

I picked ten personal items to bring to class, items that I felt either represented an aspect of myself or manifest moments or stories that matter to me. 

1. REM Accelerate

2. A Plastic Polar Bear

3. A can of Spam

4. One Piece vol. 1

5. Z.A.C. Print blocks

6. A Wooden Bowl

7. A Carving Knife

8. A Plumb Bob

9. An Original iPod Shuffle

10. A Tin of Chesterfield Cigars from 1940


And after several of my friends and classmates took turns analyzing my things, they identified a few themes to this seemingly indecipherable batch of stuff. 

1. These items are each so unique and specific, there must be a larger story behind each one that assumably no one could guess.

2. Family; several of these items pertained to my relationship with different members of my family, either as gifts or mementos

3. Several of my objects also seemed to indicate a respect for tradition and craftsmanship. And for the most part everything is in good shape.

So the themes of family, individuality, mystery and craft appear to be the outstanding characteristics of my objects.