Design Hypothesis

If you break it down, design is the process of creating products or services that aim to shape behavior. Whether it is used to sell more non-recyclable, carcinogenic, gender stereotyping toys for children, or to enable agents of social change, design is a tool. 

My hypothesis is that design is neutral, design does not always strive for efficiency or for effectiveness, it is simply available for use.

As a designer, I believe it is my duty to use 'design' as I see fit, to enable me to support a company or product or service that I believe in. And honestly, I am not sure I have found a company, or product or service that I really truly believe in. I know that I welcome massive services like Facebook and Linkedin, I know I appreciate the interconnectivity in products from companies like Apple and Google, and I know that while none of those companies are ethical models, they are driving change in our world and I can admire that.