Hi there–
I do some light illustration work in my spare time, mostly monsters and superheroes and fan art. Nothing too sophisticated. Also found on Tumblr and Instagram.


Swamp Dragon-
Still trying to figure out a rendering style; this guy is a little too shiny.


Game of Thrones inspired poster of the Ironborn. Experimenting with adding type to compositions.


Doughnut Dragon-
Process video from initial sketch to final rendering.


Beyond the Wall-
Westeros’s magnificent seven.


Inktober 2018
Made it about halfway through October before giving up 🤷


Mask Dragon
I have this mild obsession with drawing creatures that have smoke billowing out of them.

Nightmare Fuel

Nightmare Fuel
It’s creepy but I’m not sorry.


Inktober 2017
Completed October’s Inktober challenge by a hair.