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Moon Museum

The Moon Museum is a kinetic website designed to help visitors learn about the narrative of the MoonArk, a time capsule being sent to the Moon. You can check it out at Moonarts.org.



In partnership with Astrobotic, CMU's Robotics Institute will be launching a rover to the Moon to compete for the Google Lunar X Prize. A group of artists, designers and engineers, lead by CMU Professor Lowry Burgess, have been invited to contribute a cultural artifact that will remain on the Moon indefinitely - this work is the MoonArk. 


The MoonArk is an incredibly complicated work of art, made up of hundreds of individual pieces that form a cohesive narrative at a microscopic scale. Our goal was to make the story and art accessible in a comprehensive, digital experience.


Integrated Architecture

Instead of creating a whole new website to host this experience, we simply added to the existing Moon Arts press site, making the whole enterprise more dynamic. We also introduced a Team page that highlighted every member and their contributions acting as another entry point into the Moon Museum.


The Moon Museum

Here are some examples of pages from the Moon Museum, including the Landing Page, an open Moon Ark capsule, and a team page.



This proof-of-concept animation was used to pitch the web experience to the MoonArts stakeholders.