Vacation Packages

In late 2017 Priceline began testing a new design system with the hope of giving the site a modern look and feel. Vacation Packages (hotel + flight + car) was the first product to completely adopt the new design language and architecture.



I was responsible for designing the Trip Summary, Checkout, and Receipt experience within the Packages path. In 2018 I took over as lead designer on Packages, responsible for helping develop product strategy, running user research and producing polished design work.


After one year, the Packages path has demonstrated year-on-year growth of 200% in daily bookings.



Trip Summary

The most important part of Vacation Packages is the Trip Summary page, where users are able to view and edit all of the travel products in their trip before moving onto checkout. The updated design focused on creating more context for users by separating out the individual product details, and reformatting the payment summary so users could better understand it.


Checkout Path

The checkout path also received an overhaul. At this time, each product had its own unique checkout pages, which made this update a great opportunity to develop a universal checkout that could also be used by Hotels, Flights, and Cars.


First mobile package product

When Packages first launched it did not scale down to mobile, preventing a large number of users from searching and booking Packages on their phones. The updated Packages is fully responsive and close to 50% of searches and bookings now take place on mobile.


Suggested Trips

in 2018 we introduced Suggested Trips, a carousel of itineraries with live prices. Our goal was to provide users with a rough estimate of a trip cost, as well as give them vacation ideas. This feature resulted in a 7% conversion increase for Packages.


All Inclusive Resorts

In order to help customers shopping for all-inclusive resorts we designed responsive, custom detail pages that highlight all of the perks, amenities, and activities that each property has to offer.


Page Loaders

Another key part of the design update was designing new loading screens. Due to the amount of data being called during every page refresh, Priceline customers were experiencing up to 15 seconds of emptiness. We used these long page loads as an opportunity to include some promotional and instructional copy.